Cirrus LED - EVO LED Bulb Grow Light

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The NEW Evo LED grow light bulb from Cirrus is the perfect addition to any indoor garden. It can be used as the primary light source for indoor house plants, clones, seedlings, leafy greens, veggies, flowers, and more! The Evo LED bulb will fit into any standard light socket.


Socket type: E27/B22 Power drive: 24w/ constant current: 600ma Red light wavelength: 3 diodes at 660nm and 7 at 620-630nm Blue light wavelength: 2 diodes at 460nm LED quantity: 10 red + 2 blue = 12 total Heat sink: Corrosion free anodized aluminum Certifications: CE, ROHS, FCC Diameter: 4.8? Height: 5.44?

Package Includes

1 x EVO LED Bulb Grow Light

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